September 15 – 25, 2018

 Our Yoga Odyssey Exploring Ancient Greece

When I put together this trip last November with Niki Vlachou of Olympic Tours, I couldn’t have imagined a more amazing trip!  13 adventurous yogis (although, some of them had never done yoga before:) trusted to join me, and off we went to the glorious Hellenic Republic!

We covered a lot of territory in ten days:  Athens, Corinth, Olympia, the Ionian seaside, Mycenae, Napflio, Epidaurus, and back to Athens…but it never felt like too much since we paused for days at a time in Olympia and on the seashore.

Niki arranged for us to have knowledgable, expert guides to facilitate our experiences visiting the ancient sites and exploring the bustling city of Athens.  Our guides not only enlightened and enhanced our visits to sites like the Parthenon and the ancient stadium at Olympia, but they also gave us an opportunity to get to chat with, get to know, and connect with the warmth and enthusiasm that is so much a part of Greek hospitality.

I also think that because of our group’s outgoing willingness and openness to whatever came their way, we got to experience a few things off the beaten track:  we enjoyed the street jams in Athens, climbed the Acrocorinth,  visited a honey farm and sculptor in Olympia, and did Full Moon Salutations on the beach.  We posed with the Olympic torch in dresses bought by the side of the road at the Corinth Canal, and we hung out with the cats and a grumpy wine maker.  Yes, we did some yoga…we had lovely spaces by the pools in both Olympia and MareDei, and we even managed to do a little chair yoga in our breakfast room in Athens.  BUT, as a sangha, we also went out for wonderful dinners, played a lot of cards (not going to describe our playing cards, Sarah and Diane!:) did a little dancing, tasted wine, celebrated a birthday, and made new friends to share walks, hikes, bobbing in the waves, and wide-ranging conversation.

It was, INDEED, an epic adventure.  Yamas!