I went to a Waldorf elementary school–not entirely sure why my parents made that choice, but I’m grateful they did!  My Waldorf curriculum included Greek Mythology and Classical Studies, so by middle school, I was well-versed in the shenanigans of the gods and goddesses of Mount Olympus.  This bedrock of cultural literacy has always served me well.  I “get” the classical allusions in literature and the arts, and when I found myself facilitating a yoga teacher training in Epidavrous, Greece, I was able to find those subtle connections between cultures and traditions, substantiating what Jung and Joseph Campbell found in the universal motifs of adventure and transformation running through virtually all of the world’s mythic traditions.  My six weeks in Greece were a confirmation of a childhood experience in imaginative education–cognitive expansion revisited decades later in a different configuration, but all the more satisfying with those added layers and levels that come along with age and maturity.

And now I have an opportunity again to share the magic of a place that transcends time, and is at the heart of our Western tradition in thought and philosophy.  I reconnected with the woman who guided us so skillfully through Olympia’s archeological site, Nicki Vlachou, and with her help, we’ve crafted a 10 day tour that includes Athens as well as major sites in the Peloponnese.  (Please check out the details on  pranawork.com)  Of course there will be some yoga and meditation available for those interested, since I think these practices help keep us clear and present to the moment–and you don’t want to miss a sensation while being in Greece!