Thank you for visiting Pranaworks!

Each Pranawork retreat is designed from start to finish to offer you an experience like no other.  I look for desirable destinations,  in-tune guides, local culture, incredible food, inspiring adventure and fun-loving participants who are open of heart and mind.  I hope you’ll explore how Pranawork uses a yogic approach to bring small groups of individuals together for redefining social adventure and experiential travel. 

Our Mission:

Pranaworks is a heart-felt approach to personal wellness and spiritual development through the transformative wisdom and practice of yoga.

Pranaworks’ vision is that everyone, regardless of age, ability, or background, can experience an authentic, life-affirming experience in the practice of yoga.

Pranaworks uses humor, adventure, music, art and creative expression as parts of an individual’s self-exploratory yogic journey.

Pranaworks believes we can create peace in our families, communities and the world by taking what we practice on the mat, off the mat.

Join us, and see how Pranaworks!